ALDA Events

The Flying Dutch

<p>An event so big the performers are being transported in choppers from one location to the other. An event that is sold-out, praised, works with the biggest artists and is backed up by the big names such us ING is never set to fail: The Flying Dutch is one of the largest festivals in the Netherlands. But even such successful productions always have a space for improvement. Instead of looking for answers of who their festival goers are, they concentrated on finding out what EXACTLY makes people buy a ticket? What do their visitors think of the ticket price? Which artist people were looking forward to the most and what would make people come again?</p> <p>The Flying Dutch wanted to learn and they turned to us. As a company dedicated to improving event experiences we adapt to our customer and helped them finding that out.</p> <p>We provided them with the answers they needed to hear and helped them learn. We did so by focusing on the right placement for the questionnaire - straight after people have bought the ticket as well as after the event has taken place. We incorporating our tools in the channels they already have in place.</p> <p>Ticket buyers are euphoroc about the fact they got a ticket and turned out very likely to participate. In fact, 1 out of 7 ticket buyers immediatley provided feedback months before the event took place.</p>

The Flying Dutch is an outdoor dance festival organized by ALDA Events. Their mission is to develop event brands of high quality with the target focus on Millenials.  ALDA positions itself via music story telling featuring the best DJ's. The aim is to create next level technical productions and entertainment by using experience, knowledge and skills as well as dedication. By doing this, the world is turned into a dance floor, creating lasting memories and emotions to never forget.

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