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Fanbase management, email campaigns and event based surveys


Expectations & Esperiences

Expectations & Experiences

Discover why fans buy tickets, which artists they are looking forward to the most and what needs to be done to increase the amount of returning visitors. See whether expectations have been met and how people experience your event, stage or venue. With Hugo, you are enabled to ask different questions, via different channels, at various points in time, allowing you to increase engagement with your fans.

Fanbase management

Fanbase Management

Identify which people are your most loyal visitors, via which channels they are engaged and to which extend. You can integrate your ticket sales data to see how feedback relates to purchasing behavior. Hugo enables you as organizer to enlarge your Fanbase, manage your fans and to target them based on their preferences and/or experiences.

Smart e-mail campaigning

Smart e-mail campaigning

Create target groups based on people’s behavior, product/ticket types or retrieved results and use Hugo’s Smart Campaigning tools to create email campaigns. By doing this, you are finally enabled to reach out to your fans directly and to engage with them based on what they experience about your event (at every step in the customer journey)!

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Questionnaires & Hugo Fanbase Widget

You set up questionnaires which can be integrated in all your online channels of your event(s). Grasp feedback off Facebook or ask people for input via emailing or utilize the traffic you get on your website by integrating the Hugo Fanbase Widget. With the Hugo Fanbase widget you get your fans involved in your event by enabling them to share feedback, subscribe to your newsletters, ask questions or to immediately buy tickets!

Fanbase Management

Your fans share feedback (at different points in time and via different channels) and gain crucial insights at any given point in time. This feedback, as well as a unique profile per person, is stored in Hugo’s Fanbase Management tools which you can use to filter and create target groups based on people’s (purchasing) behavior and/or feedback.

Smart E-mail Campaigning

Send smart e-mail campaigns based on targeted groups and stop the one-to-all communications via e-mail. People whose expectations were (or were not) met can finally receive different content than people who are very likely to return. Hugo’s Smart E-mail Campaigning tools allow you to create content specifically for all of these target groups, in an easy-to-use system.

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