Oerol Festival


The conquers of the land. The performers, actors, speakers and musicians. Oerol is not the typical two day festival around the corner. For the whole duration of 10 days the festival occupies the island of Terschelling in the Netherlands and brings performance to life. Focusing on theater, visual art and the music, they bring something to remember for anyone that goes there. Being a true cultural entrepreneur it builds bridges between emerging artists and big audiences. Being the professionals at that they don't forget to connect to their audience too. They do this by showing appreciation and by proving that each voice matters. Since we provide them with tools to ask different types of questions, people were able to leave comments and suggestions at the end.<br/><br/> Not only did Oerol disclose the overall satisfaction findings of the event and service to their monthly subscribers, they have also acknowledged, what they called “A Golden Tip” amongst their suggestions/comments, confessing that they have never thought about that and promised incorporate it at the next edition. This just proves our point that changes don't have to be major, but also sometimes you need to hear your fans to be able to improve the expeirence of the event.

Oerol Festival was founded in 1981 and has become one of the largest theater festivals in Europe. From being organised in small working space above a cafe,  it became a large organisation. A group of people is working together throughout the year to ensure the smooth running of the festival during summer. Oerol had it's ups and downs, but every single year it attracts 50.000 people from all around the world to submerge in one 10-day long experience, turning Terschelling island into one big performance stage.

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