20 years Cocoon at ADE

Amsterdam Music Festival

No matter where in the world you work and live, if you work in the event industry, if you are a DJ, an event organizer, a company, brand or simply a festival goer, there are no other three letters that get you excited more with every year.<br/><br/> You wait for it counting days, planning your trip, stay or itinery of each day to make sure you don't miss out and you do miss out - just because every performance you miss is your loss. Just the thought of it makes you buzz.<br/><br/> ADE is one of the most prominent events in the world. A five day extravaganza of pure culture including conferences, performances, music events and a festival within a festival gathering hundreds of thousands of people from around the world to Amsterdam. To participate, be, work, dance and connect.<br/><br/> Naturally, gathering information from such diverse target groups and large numbers of visitors they needed some help and Hugo was able to provide it to them. Being in the scene for so many years you'd think you wouldn't find out anything new, but there were many discoveries that they have made. With the help of the Hugo questionnaires they found out what is the reason behind visiting the event from people that were there there more often versus people that attended for the first time. They gained insights in how conference delegates perceive the conference as well as the festival. They took on suggestions as well as praises for everything they are currently doing.<br/><br/> The best part about it is that Hugo enabled them to use this feedback and create target groups for smarter email campaigns. Based on preferences and feedback but also focusses on return rates. Or even both!

ADE provides entertainment and engagement for fans and professionals of electronic music since 1995 and has increased in size ever since. It is organized by Buma Cultuur, a dedicated Dutch music promoter founded by the collection society Buma. Besides the collection of fees to music authors, they support new talent in the Netherlands. With the aim of increasing Dutch music nationwide as well as within international markets, Buma Cultuur focuses on music from the Netherlands and export markets for Dutch music.

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