Surveys meant for tablets and smartphones

An interface that suits any type of mobile device

Our surveys are responsive and suitable for any type of mobile device. Most of the people fill out surveys on the go, so make use of it!

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Customizable to fit your brand

Make your surveys as recognizable as your brand

Providing feedback is part of the overall consumer experience. We therefore consider it of crucial importance you can customize surveys to perfectly fit your brand!

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Jump to the right next question

Jump logic for your questionnaires for all the logic you desire

Hugo offers the possibilty for jump logic in your questionnaires. Build those beautiful questionnaires with all the logic as you want it!

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Take a multi-channel approach

Distribute your surveys on several channels to increase responses

You can easily create a Hugo Widget to implement on your website to utilize your website traffic (which also provides functionalities for people to subscribe for the newsletter or buy tickets!). Distribute your surveys on social media and incorporate them in email campaigns as well!

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The easiest way to discover all about Hugo is to sign up for a free account and try out every feature yourself. You are free to create questionnaires, upload existing database you might have and send out free email campaigns. Play around with the drag & drop email editor and see for yourself why other event companies all decided to work with us!