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Fanbase Management

Fanbase Management for event organisers

Managing your fans is easy

No more separate databases with people who did/didn't buy a ticket, people who subscribed for the newsletter or who have filled out a questionnaire.

Hugo Fanbase Management ensures that creating (new) target groups becomes easy so fans receive content they appreciate. The result? A better grip on ticket sales, a higher level of involvement, better engagement with the event and a better event experience.

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Engaging email campaigns

Create email campaigns that increase involvement

The next level in email campaigning

Start with smart email campaigns which are based on specific user actions or the opinion of fans and visitors. Personalize content based on somebody's opinion or on the type of ticket they've bought.

You can work with an easy-to-use email editor to create email templates perfectly fitting your brand. All email statistics are presented to you in your dashboard so you're always in control.

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Stunning Questionnaires

Stunning questionnaires that work.

Questionnaires with high engagement and high conversion rates

Create beautiful questionnaires which can be presented to your audience at different points in time. Discover why people buy tickets, what their decision depends on, which artist they are looking forward to the most and much more!

Ask your visitors about their specific experience afterwards and see whether event expectations are met or even surpassed. And all of that in the look & feel that fits your brand!

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The Hugo Fanbase Widget

Utilize your website traffic by adding our widget

Our Fanbase widget

Get the opinion of your website visitors, grow your fanbase, register volunteers and enable people to quickly buy a ticket. All of it is possible by adding the Hugo Fanbase Widget to your website.

Make sure you get to know your website visitors so you can reach them again in the future and convert them into ticket buyers. The best part about it, is that you add the widget in just a few clicks.

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