Milkshake Festival

Milkshake Festival

Being unique is rewarding but sometimes that comes with challenges that you can only tackle through research of your audience. Milkshake is one of a kind, a truly unforgettable experience. Visitors are themselves or are dared to be themselves to embrace it to the fullest extend.

An event that is for you, her, him and them to express diversity and spread love through the sound of music and visual performances.  But being unique comes with its challenages.

One that is of particular importance was cooperating with brands that want to be related to this experience. This does not only apply to Milkshake, this is of interest to every event that is unique.

Milkshake worked with Hugo to gain insights in the matter of concern. Via Hugo, they really learned from their visitors. Not only what convinced them to attend or buy a ticket but rather:
- which brands their visitors consume at home
- which ones they've seen at the event
- which brand activations they remembered
- what their spending pattern is around the event

These insights were integrated with answers to questions like 'What is the amount of money people spend? And on which products? By doing this, Milkshake was able to concentrate on working towards new sponsorship propositions. All from the insight they managed to acquire through listening to their audience.

Milkshake festival is organised by AIR Events and Paradiso. Both find home in the city of Amsterdam and have a fairly similar mission in promoting and representing diversity, tolerance, creativity, quality and freedom. The mission of both AIR and Paradiso is to offer not only diverse electronic music, they bring any beat ranging from rock to country making sure to reach to a wide audience. In addition to that, Paradiso set's itself to explore the borders of pop culture by being a podium for non-musical initiatives and projects which can be anything from fashion show to a science lecture. Throughout the years they both have developed regularly returning projects and formed foundations to develop groundbreaking events, both indoor as well as outdoor.

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